Scientific features

Puertorriqueños reciben importante beca del NSF

A triunfar con prestigiosa beca universitarios de la UPR

Estudiante becada cosecha los frutos de su esfuerzo 

POLARIS PROJECT: Measuring Emissions in Burned and Unburned Tundra

Permafrost Now

by award-winning filmmaker Stash Wislocki 

Watch Polaris 2017 short film about permafrost issues and our experience in Alaska with WHRC.

People During Workshop

Why privilege should be part of our conversations as natural scientists?

(with Small Pond Science)

There is a need to talk about privilege in Natural Sciences. I used my journey to reflect about it.

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Science can lead us to better futures if we lead with hope

This is a reflection on how we can use hope as an instrument for change and action in Science.

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RISE UP panel about BIPOC communities in conservation biology.

Join me in my conversation with Michele Clark, Miranda Bernard and Sharon Hall about our experiences in the field of conservation biology.

Ep. 2 SEEDS Alumni Corner: Edauri Navarro

Watch my interview with SEEDS alumni Valeria Paz, where we talk about how SEEDS from ESA helped us in our scientific journey. 

Edauri Navarro Perez: Soil Science and a Conversation about Privilege

Join me in my conversation with Rachel Villani (aka. Storytellers of STEMM) about my journey as a soil scientist and privilege.

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Entrevista Ecóloga de Suelos. ¡Feliz Día de los Suelos 2020!

Acompañame en esta conversación que tuve con Ecopolita sobre la importancia de los suelos.

Other features

Fables from Lab Tables 

Check out another podcast that I did with my classmate Hannah about Mount Pelee volcanic eruption on 1902. Its called "The dark tale of Mount Pelee". We warn you... it's really dark! 

Imogen Arate with Edauri Navarro Pérez

"This week, Edauri and I discuss our respective poems, "#Entropía" (#Entropy) and "#VisionQuest," types of #privilege

#linguistichegemony#humanpotential and the decision to develop or forego it."- Imogen Arate