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Community Engagements

Engaging with the community in science  is one of the aspects that I enjoy the most and I want to keep cultivating. These are some examples in which I have interacted with different communities talking about science, intersectional justice and art. These examples can be in English or Spanish.

Permafrost Now
by award-winning filmmaker Stash Wislocki 

Watch Polaris 2017 short film about permafrost issues and our experience in Alaska with WHRC.

RISE UP panel about BIPOC communities in conservation biology

Join me in my conversation with Michele Clark, Miranda Bernard and Sharon Hall about our experiences in the field of conservation biology.

Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 10.39.48 PM.png
Ep. 2 SEEDS Alumni Corner: Edauri Navarro

Watch my interview with SEEDS alumni Valeria Paz, where we talk about how SEEDS from ESA helped us in our scientific journey. 

Edauri Navarro Pérez: Soil Science and a Conversation about Privilege

Join me in my conversation with Rachel Villani (aka. Storytellers of STEMM) about my journey as a soil scientist and privilege.

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Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 10.28.25 PM.png
Entrevista: Ecóloga de Suelos. ¡Feliz Día de los Suelos 2020!

Acompáñame en esta conversación que tuve con Ecopolita sobre la importancia de los suelos.

Entrevista: Raíces, suelo y el arte

Acompáñame en esta conversación que tuve con RadioIsla y Monica Feliú Mojer sobre la importancia de los suelos, las raíces y el arte.

(21 de Octubre del 2021)

BIPOC Open Mic: Living in Kinship
In collaboration with Palabras Bilingual Bookstore and Voices for Science from the American Geophysical Union, we co-develop an open mic focused on Black, Brown, and Indigenous experiences with nature and land. Community members shared their stories, poetry, and songs about their relationships with the land at the event. The event also provided a conversation with Dr. Osuna and Edauri Navarro Pérez about science and the perspectives of deserts. Food was provided from The Rez, an urban eatery where Chef Mario cooks meals with seasonal ingredients. 
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